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The new high-speed traffic police reflective clothing, Gouxuan

Release Date:2014-7-17   Clicks:613

With economic development, the increasing number of vehicles traveling on the highway, the road conditions have become increasingly complex, especially at night and in bad weather road duty, when the survey site, if you do not wear reflective clothing, then be on duty police their own safety there is a big risk.

Recently, Guizhou Expressway Traffic Police Corps detachment of the police administration put new reflective winter clothes all the winter clothes, both traditional reflective vest reflective effect, and cold rain, at night and can better protect the haze and other harsh duty under the weather conditions and traffic police Xieqin personal safety, greatly reducing the risk of road police on duty.

It is understood that the paragraph style reflective winter clothes for the double removable outer use of international popular fluorescent yellow reflective material, bright colors, the body with multiple reflective strips to increase the reflective area; interior is removable mercerized cotton, improve cold performance. Compared with the past reflective vests, eye-catching appearance, greatly enhancing the visibility in harsh environments, especially at night good reflective effect, cold rain to much improved performance, can improve the identification of the driver when the police put the police on duty degree, to better protect the safety of police