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Let me see you reflective material

Release Date:2014-7-18   Clicks:503

Children are the future of the state, society can not properly protect the lives and safety of children, there must be a problem of society. Guardian children about childhood, both parents' responsibility, but also the government, society and the bounden duty of every adult. Compared with urban children, migrant children, children left behind more need for traffic safety knowledge and awareness of road safety education. Most of the flow, no children left home transport facilities and identification systems, for them, the city's various traffic signs unfamiliar, do not know the traffic rules. If you give them some reflective material made ​​with reflective stickers, reflective accessories, reflective clothing and headgear, etc., can greatly reduce the flow of children left behind traffic safety hazard.

For the past two years, the community traffic safety issues for children are quite seriously, May 30, 2014 afternoon, Binzhou City, "all the way to the line hand fluorescence child" reflective vests release large public events held in Boxing third elementary school. May 29, 2014 in Zhengzhou City, the Third Brigade Patrol Office of the United Erqi civilized traffic, Erqi Board of Education and Public Welfare Unit Zhengzhou Jing Han love one schools, carried out in Erqi Road Primary School and the "Student Qi security concerns, civilized traffic my first "campaign theme, presented to the region more than 30,000 pieces of pupils' student safety reflective stickers." June 22, 2014 "as the primary donor fluorescent clothing" into the Jiaozhou large public events for 2150 primary school pupils sunny distributed free fluorescent clothing. There are many, many similar to this charity.

Of course, to protect student safety, we can not rely solely reflective products, school, family and social parties but also to take this opportunity to enhance traffic safety education for students, so that children from childhood to obey traffic rules and civilized driving, walking good habits to strengthen students' awareness of road safety, so as to maximize the guardian of good children's lives.