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Rural market prospects reflective film

Release Date:2014-7-30   Clicks:547

In recent years, reflective film on agriculture has been further application, agricultural reflective film into sight. Fruit trees such as citrus dedicated special reflective film reflective film is a good example of this reflective film, mainly to increase the time and intensity of light, thus increasing photosynthesis, improve the quality of citrus.

Reflective sheeting for agricultural farm warming, fill light new material. This reflective film has water resistance, alkali pots, reflective rate, low cost, long life characteristics. After years of production tests showed: reflective film applied in the production of vegetables, no fruit trees, flowers and orchards in the open, can effectively reduce expenditure, income. Especially for the winter cold, Dapeng greenhouse, reflective film applied less sunshine can significantly increase the time and intensity of light, temperature raise, increase the temperature, can play a significant role in improving the quality of agricultural products and increase production. When used in greenhouses north to pull a wire on top of things, would double the rate in the middle of reflective film bonded seams with transparent tape into a reflective screen, vertical hanging on the wire, the lower down in the ground. To save the material, the lower end portion of the available touchdown old plastic film twist together, and make both ends lined with the old film, and then inserted into the ground fixed lined with bamboo sticks.

In the field of outdoor advertising, road signs and other fields, the application of reflective film has developed very well. In agriculture, its development has only just begun, I believe that with the progress of science and technology, reflective film will continue to bring us an unexpected surprise, Dominic reflector will strive to improve themselves, to keep pace with the times, create better reflective film.