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Precautions when cleaning up signs reflective film

Release Date:2014-7-31   Clicks:609

If you are posting signs in sign reflective film is a transparent adhesive tape affixed area, then use transparent tape to stick in the right position, it is very easy to clean. If not, it does not matter, we can use alcohol wipe, but do not use cleaning agents, chemical agents might be interested in the car because the membrane damage. We can also use a towel dipped in a small amount of oil in the car standard office cleaning agents repeatedly wipe, which requires some patience, never can of oil cleaning agent directly onto the glass.

For a long time adhesion and strong logo, we can use a special cleaning solution, such as asphalt remover, versatile cleaning agents, gently wipe with a towel, after clearing is completed, can be cleaned with soap and water area in the original glue several times, and finally with a dry towel drying, which can effectively protect the glass.