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The use and characteristics of reflective fabric

Release Date:2014-8-1   Clicks:525

Dominic reflective Xiao Bian today will introduce you to the use and characteristics of reflective fabric, we work together to learn about it. Reflective fabric is widely used in traffic safety equipment, film, protective clothing, overalls, uniforms, etc. and is closely related to people's life and property safety of high-tech products. This reflective fabric is to use a high refractive index glass beads retro-reflective principle, through advanced technology made ​​after the focusing process. It will direct light reflected back to the distant luminous place, whether good retroreflective optical properties in the night or during the day are. Especially at night, can play the same day as the high visibility. It appears smooth solution to the "seen" and "see" the problem of driving at night, use of this high-visibility reflective overalls made ​​of fabric, whether in the light or scattered light interference, or in the case of a distant place , can be more easily found by motorists at night. In principle and mastered it after use, we'll work together to understand its characteristics.

Durability: light fabric with good abrasion resistance, aging resistance and washability. Can be washed or dry, easy to fall off, after continuous washing, can still maintain the original more than 75% of the reflective effect.

Diversity: reflective fabric for use with a variety of other products and features, with reflective thermal film, reflective fabric, reflective character paste film, reflective inks, reflective plastic film, reflective film, and other cartographic products, has user-friendly various options.

Wide-angle: the reflective fabric is not only better than the reflective effect of other brands of similar products, and has a wide-angle, that is when the light can still get good results with reflective fabric reflective surfaces into a great angle from the incident.

Reflective: reflective fabric reflective brightness unsurpassed performance, such as reflective intensity silver reflective intensity products typically 500CPL white and fluorescent yellow reflective plastic film is typically planted as 700CPL, most in poor visibility or poor lighting environments effective, most reliable personal security.

Breadth and flexibility: for a wide range of reflective fabric, available with safety straps and vest, sportswear, jackets, overalls, raincoats, backpacks, shoes, hats, gloves and other fields, can cut characters or silk screen trademark and logo. In addition, the reflective film series can be directly bonded to the surface of the leather or fabric.