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Reflective material to our security played a role in what kind of protection?

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We know that reflective materials include reflective film, reflective inks, anti-cursor paint, reflective fabric, reflective leather, reflective ribbon, reflective safety of silk fabrics. The reflective material has been able to reflective, mainly because most of the reflective material contains a high refractive index glass beads. Because of its existence, the incident light is reflected back to the original way, forming retroreflective phenomenon. Because it is light, almost all concentrated in a very small range of angles reflected back, so its brightness is much higher than ordinary objects.

Reflective material is glass beads or micro-prism-type material, the use of optical refraction principle and directed the return generated by high-tech products, for personal non-radioactive and toxic side effects. With reflective material produced by the warning signs, clothing standard accessories, eye-catching than the other non-reflective material in the light hundreds of times. Gray return to half a meter in diameter retroreflective license under the irradiation of car headlights, drivers can find the target within 800 meters distance.
Reflective material for ensuring traffic safety, safety equipment, personal safety has a significant effect, especially for the elderly, children, people with disabilities are more road safety special protective effect on the substantial reduction in all types of accidents will play a positive role in .
Reflective material on people's safety played a kind of protection?

Reflective material is glass beads or micro prismatic material used to produce optical refraction principle of high-tech products targeted return for personal non-radioactive and toxic side effects. Reflective material in foreign transport facilities and personal safety facilities have been widely used.

In this small series of recommendations conscious wearing clothing with reflective material: There are a lot of people mistakenly think that is reflective material such as road cleaning work clothes patents, the identity of the person wearing it is cheapening. Xiao Bian hungry functionality has become one of the future trends in clothing, in the pursuit of various clothing performance among the highest value of the security, and it is difficult to be measured by money.

Reflective material domestic market on track in the field of product applications more widely, the more specialized the finer points of the different uses of reflective wear sets international standards or industry standards, such as international professional standards EN471 (Dominic reflective material Oh, far more than this standard). Secondly, regulate the use of reflective materials is an important basis for the United States and other Western countries the insurance compensation. States also use the form of regulations or encourage, require or promote the use of reflective material, for example, the ability to distinguish the difference in the line of sight environments rain, fog, snow, night, etc., the elderly, children go out, must wear or wear a sign with reflective material or clothing . Famous for sports and leisure goods company workers Morning and evening practice, pioneered the use of reflective material on clothing, footwear, luggage, so dress in beautiful, practical, based on the added security features.

Use reflective material on clothing, apparel popular international trend, but also reflects the fashion and high-end special. Currently sporting goods category has begun reflective shoes, reflective padded jacket, reflective casual clothes, and other products. Special emphasis is Dominic reflective material or wash after wash and still has a glossy reflective effect. It can be said reflective material debut in the night, has become a trend.